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I tell stories with data, and can follow the whole process: from the data collection (or scrape) to the data visualization.
I am currently also project leader at Batjo, a Google DNI funded project investigating the intersection of journalism, data and digital fabrication.
When I get the chance, I love teaching data storytelling, especially to students, journalists and activists.
Previously, I have worked in Amsterdam (NL) as lead data journalist at the startup Silk, a semantic web platform for publishing and visualizing data. In this position, other than producing data storytelling content, I have also counselled academia, NGOs and businesses on producing their own data stories.
I privilege the use of open source tools and/or of coding. I have a BA in History from the University of Siena (IT) and a MA specializing in data journalism from Tilburg University (NL).

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Work Experience


Founder and Project Leader

Mar. 2018 - Present · Venice, Italy


· Project at the intersection of data, journalism and digital fabrication

Data Storytelling Practice

Jan. 2018 - Present


Data Storytelling Instructor

Jan. 2018 - Present


  • @Bologna Business School

    · Professor for the Module 'Data Storytelling' in the Data Science MA · April 2018 - May 2018


A Career Gap for the Family

Aug. 2016 - Jan. 2018 · Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Took time off to start a family, care for my newborn daughter, move to another country, and practice Python & Yoga

Lead Data Journalist & Trainer

Jan. 2014 - Aug. 2016 · Amsterdam, The Netherlands


· Startup for data publishing and interactive storytelling. Acquired by Palantir in Aug. 2016

Research Assistant

Sept. 2013 - Jan. 2014 · Tilburg, The Netherlands


· Virtual lab at Tilburg University on data journalism trends and techniques

  • Member of the 'Climate Finance Lab' team, investigating financial data stories behind climate policies.
  • Co-authored paper with Dr. Stefania Milan on journalism and algorithms. Selected for a panel at 'Rethinking Journalism'


May. 2013 - Jan. 2014 · remote


Journalist Trainee

May. 2013 - June 2013 · Amsterdam, The Netherlands

@NRC Next

· Major Dutch newspaper

Education & Learning

Lifelong Learning

Communication and Information Sciences (MA)

Aug. 2012 - Aug. 2013

@University of Tilburg (The Netherlands)

History, Tradition and Innovation (BA)

Sept. 2008 - July 2012

@University of Siena (Italy)